Thursday, July 30, 2015

Delayed flight doodling

In the lap of nature

The old man and the sea

The title is, of course, borrowed [with profound apologies] from that of Ernest Hemingway's Nobel-clinching novella. I've conceptualised a man at sea, perhaps fishing, but away from his world, immersed in himself. Far out at sea, out of sight of land, it must be another world altogether. But the terrestrial home that he inhabits, exists all the same, looming in the background, or in his thoughts.

There be worlds out there we know not of

El-Nino: a concept

Doodling, is fun, relaxing, and can become meditative for it stills the mind with repetition. Here I conceptualise the El-Nino phenomenon of unpredictable weather conditions, and the human condition.

Friday, July 17, 2015

'Quandaries': A blog post by Nimesh Ved, and my response

Nimesh Ved's ruminative blogpost, "Quandaries along a journey on wildlife conservation", started a chain of thought in my mind, about the importance of the written record. I wrote him a letter, that I wish to share with you, and again, hope for a larger dialogue. Do make time to post your thoughts. Both, Nimesh, and I will benefit; and who knows, who else might!

Provoked by 'Road to perdition' by Sinha & Shankar Raman

My friends, Neha Sinha, and T. R. Shankar Raman wrote a thought-provoking piece called Road to perdition, in Fountain Ink

"The central government has started relaxing norms that protect the environment in favour of industry and development projects, leading to loss of forests, habitat, and wildlife".

I wrote back to them, for I felt strongly about the topic. I am posting my letter here, because I would like a wider discussion on how we write about environmental conservation in India. I hope it begins a dialogue. You are welcome to widen the conversation with your comments here.

"In the spirit of taking the conversation ahead," here is Sridhar's must-read response: 'Writing about the environment'.