Sunday, December 16, 2012

Diary entries: beneath a maulsri tree

After almost an hour on this butt-numbing stone bench, birds come into the maulsri-blossom scented canopy above me. A tailor bird with its measuring tape darkened neck stripe, its needle-sharp upright-tail, its cinnamon skullcap, wanders silently over internal branches, taking my measure.

A small sunbird dazzles me with its audacious boldness from two meters, deflecting rainbow hues my way on sunlight reflected purple rays. It swings and flirts its wings, chirping and singing. Dare I raise my straw-hat-encircled head and peer owlishly at it, or will that movement scare it's little heart into flight? Too many leaves obstruct my vision, but the song's pitch does rise a note or two, when I do so.

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